New Branding Serves to Introduce Proven Biosolids Treatment Technology Solutions to Customers During North American Expansion


BCR today announced it will be rolling out a major repositioning and brand refresh this Spring which parallels a recently announced expansion to provide its biosolids treatment technologies across North America. Beyond the Southeast, where BCR has a number of successful installations, many customers will be hearing about BCR for the first time.

“BCR’s new brand and repositioning is an important part of executing on our expansion strategy,” said Joshua Scott, BCR CEO, “BCR is about strong customer partnerships, and our new brand logo, with two interlocking shapes, is a perfect symbol that resonates with both our employees and customers. The colorful gradations are a great visualization of process technology and our new tagline ‘Solid Solutions’ captures the idea that BCR’s technologies are proven, reliable and EPA-certified in a simple way,” continued Mr. Scott.

“The simplicity of BCR’s tagline underscores one of BCR’s strengths,” said Sean Mack, Managing Director of Solution Sales, “We immediately connected with the authenticity of ‘Solid Solutions’ because of the overwhelming customer feedback.  As we gained insight from our customers, we found most commented on our technologies being easy to use and easy to implement—along with the cost savings and other benefits,” Mack explained.

The new branding comes to life in a new BCR Overview video that explains to municipalities and engineering firms who BCR is, and details the biosolids treatment technology solutions through several customer case stories. Until the recent NA expansion BCR has primarily served customers in the Southeast, so initial communications will focus on introducing BCR and its technologies.

The company will also go forward with a shortened name. “BCR is a technology company and it made sense to shorten our name to BCR, Inc.,” said Josh Scott, “we provide technology that helps municipalities be environmentally responsible, however our technologies can and will be applied in other processes as well, so this was the right time to shorten our name.”

One thing that will remain the same is BCR’s technology names. With strong customer sentiment growing around the three technologies, they will continue on as:

  • CleanB® – for Class B biosolids
  • Neutralizer® – for Class AA EQ
  • Bio-Scru® – For Class A EQ

BCR’s new branding will roll out across all touchpoints throughout the April, May, June timeframe including a new website launching in early May.  A large exhibit booth at the upcoming industry trade show Residuals and Biosolids Conference in May among others, and a technical literature series geared towards engineers who research, test and specify biosolids treatment process technology. TPO magazine subscribers will see a series of BCR customer case stories in the magazine’s eNewsletter throughout June.

About BCR:

BCR partners with municipalities and the engineers who are responsible for researching, testing and purchasing biosolids treatment technology.  Whether customers are looking for a Class B or Class A biosolids program, BCR assists in identifying the best biosolids treatment technology for the given conditions, scaling an existing system or upgrading from Class B to Class A biosolids program. More information can be found on www.bcrinc.com or by contacting the company mthomas@bcrinc.com.


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