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Advanced Technology For Continuous Flow Indirect Heating and Cooling

Any applications where you need to put heat into or take heat out of a solid, sludge or slurry is a great application for the BCR thermal processor. Screw type heat exchanger technology has been used around the world for the agricultural, chemical, construction and food industries for over 90 years. This versatile system is capable of heating or cooling everything from Apples to Zinc.


Drying Heating
Pyrolizing Thermal


Minerals Filter Cake
Coal Fines and Bottom Ash
Woody Biomass & Bagasse
Carbon Black
Spent Catalyst
Food Products


Food Processing
Mining & Minerals
Power Generation

Sludge and Wastewater


BCR thermal processors are continuous, indirectly heated, or cooled processors, meaning the material flows into the equipment and out of the equipment in a continuous stream and the heating medium, such as water, steam, thermal oil or hot gasses are never in direct contact with the feedstock. The result is accurate thermal processing™ without material degradation or contamination. The screw-type thermal processor has a greater density of heat transfer surface area per cu.ft. of equipment volume than most other thermal processor technology. As a result, the size and footprint of a BCR processor is typically smaller than other thermal processing™ technology.

Thermal units can be constructed from a variety of materials, from carbon steel to specialized high temperature and corrosion-resistant alloys. Abrasive products are not a problem. Rotors and housings can be fabricated utilizing wear-resistant hard surfacing and incorporate innovative flight designs such as replaceable flight sections and double-lead flighting for reduced RPM. BCR’s screw-type processors are available with single, twin, or quadrotors up to 48 inches in diameter. Equipment can be supplied bare bones or as a complete system incorporating: PLC Controls, Touch Screen HMI interface, Bulk Feed, and Bulk Cooling systems, condenser, and thermal fluid heaters. Equipment can be pre-piped, skid-mounted, and prewired for easy installation.

For more applications, please see our installation list.

rebranded Thermal Processing brochure

Read through BCR’s technical literature to discover our difference.


Nickel Ore Processing

Perth Australia


Plastics to Oil

Oregon USA


Refinery Tank Bottoms

Siberia Russia


Titanium Powder Production

Illinois USA


Refinery Tank Bottoms & Spent Catalyst Processing

Louisiana USA

Uranium Concentrate Pellets

Idaho USA


Algae Processing

Idaho USA


Precipitated Silica Dryer

California, USA


Molybdenum Processing

Cananea Mexico

Minera Mexico / M3 – Moly Dryer Project

Roca Mines — Canada
Equipment: Moly Dryer
Process: Dry Molybdenum

Freeport McMoran
Equipment: Moly Dryer
Process: Dry Molybdenum

FL Smidth
Project: Teghout
Process: Dry Molybdenum

FL Smith
Project: Mongolia
Process: Dry Molybdenum

Project: Cananea Mexico
Process: Dry Molybdenum

The BCR ELECTRIC-SCRUTM is an electrically heated screw-type heat exchanger for continuous thermal processing™ of a wide range of materials. The ELECTRIC-SCRUTM incorporates multiple heating zones with the unique advantage of being able to provide controlled heating at different process stages within the same unit. Feedstocks can be heated to over 1200F while under a sub-ambient vacuum or pressure. The largest quad screw units utilize four augers with the capacity of over 6 MMBtu/hr of available heat output. Depending on the application, the Electric-ScruTM can incorporate single, double, or quadruple rotors. The Electric-ScruTM processor can be fabricated from carbon steel for low-temperature applications or specialized high temperature, corrosion-resistant alloys for higher temperature applications.

  • Capable of heating feedstocks to over 1200F
  • Multi-zone time/temp process control
  • Sealed and inserted process chamber
  • Self-Cleaning rotor design for sticky materials
  • Uniform or zoned heating of the shell and rotors

Electrical heating elements contained around the parameter and within the hollow core of the screws are operated to heat the screws evenly at a controlled rate. Thermocouples are installed at the discharge end of the processor, which measures the material temperatures at the specified location. The equipment is designed airtight with nozzles for possible injection of an inert gas such as nitrogen to limit the oxygen content. The housing is insulated for minimal heat loss. An adequate number of vapor ports are installed in order to collect the off-gas emissions generated during system operation.

An electric or hydraulic motor is installed at the feed end, which drives the screws at a controlled rate. The motor is designed to have an adequate torque capacity capable of starting the screws even when it is loaded with material. The material of construction exposed to heat and product is generally 310 stainless steel. The screw flights can be coated in a hard surfacing overlay to minimize wear on the flights.

Holo-ScruTM: Highest Efficiency, Greatest Versatility, Most Widely Used Technology

Heat Transfer Mediums Include: Thermal Oil, Steam, Liquid Salts, & Water

With over two thousand installations worldwide, hollow screw processors are the most widely used and versatile thermal processors for bulk materials on the market. The BCR Holo-ScruTM is a continuous, indirectly heated screw-type heat exchanger that can be used for heating, cooling, drying, and a variety of other processes where there is a need to put heat into or take heat out of flowable materials. The Holo-ScruTM consists of hollow flighted rotors and a jacketed housing through which a medium such as water, steam, or thermal heat transfer fluids are circulated. Holo-ScruTM processors are available with single, twin, or quadruple rotors up to 60 inches in diameter. Holo-ScruTM processors used for heating have the highest thermal efficiency due to the continual closed-loop recycling of heat transfer medium. The result is almost all the heat put into the system is imparted into the bulk material with very little being lost to the environment.

  • Max Operating Temperature: 720˚F
  • Max Operating Pressure 350 psi
  • Max Operating Vacuum 50 millitorr


  • Pre-heating ahead of processing or drying operations
  • Chemical processes
  • Sterilization of food products
  • Pharmaceuticals

Drying and Calcining:

  • Water removed from slurries, sludges, and filter cakes
  • Molybdenum drying and roasting
  • Industrial sludge drying
  • Solvent Recovery: Solvent removal from polyethylene, polypropylene, rice bean, soybean meal, and chemicals


  • Food Waste
  • Fish Meal
  • Rendering
  • Animal feed

BCR’s Cooling-ScruTM technology, with indirect cooling, can deliver the product exit temperature you need while maintaining a continuous (in/out) process flow. Indirect cooling technology delivers accurate temperature control without directly contacting the product with liquids or gasses. The rotor and housing of the screw conveyor are jacketed allowing the cooling medium, water or water glycol mixture, to indirectly cool the feed as it is conveyed down the length of the Cooling-ScruTM. The cooling can occur at ambient pressure under pressure, or vacuum. Cooling-ScruTM technology can be used to cool anything from Apples to Zinc.

  • Max Operating Temperature: 1800˚F / 30 ˚F
  • Max Operating Pressure 35 psi
  • Max Operating Vacuum 10 in H20

Common Products Cooled with Cooling-Scru Include:

  • Fly Ash Cooling
  • Bottom Ash Cooling
  • Dried Biosolids
  • Lime Cooling
  • Food Products
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Polymers Crystalline
  • Chemicals
  • Biomass Pellets
  • Carbon Black