Proven Technologies Make Life Simpler for Municipal Waste Water Treatment Plant Operators


(JACKSONVILLE MAR 6)  BCR Inc., a leading provider of proven biosolids and process treatment technology solutions, announced today that Joshua R. Scott has been named CEO on a permanent basis. Previously serving as President and Interim CEO since July of 2017, and COO since joining the company in late 2016, Mr. Scott has driven a strategic planning process, organizational and culture redefinition with a vision towards scaling BCR to become more national in scope.

“The Board of Directors is pleased to name Joshua Scott in the role of CEO going forward for BCR at a time where we see a growing near-term demand for our technologies on a much broader level,” said Rob Andrews P. Eng., Chairman of BCR’s Board of Directors. “Longer-term, we believe his deep experience in this business, vision for growth and leadership is best-suited for taking BCR to the next level by channeling future technology development and a customer-focused culture.”

“Our business is about bringing solid, process technology to municipal customers that offers a better way of solving the challenges they face,” said Joshua Scott, BCR CEO and President, “I’m excited about the opportunity to lead the team here at BCR. We’ve done a lot of organizational work in the past year that positions us to serve municipalities and industrial process businesses with solid technology solutions.”

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Scaling Up to Serve Municipalities Across North America

Today, the company also announced that it is scaling the availability of its biosolids treatment technologies throughout North America.  Now, municipal waste water treatment utilities  across North America will now be able to review and purchase what are regarded by customers as some of the most simple-to-use, cost-effective process technologies available for biosolids treatment. With a number of successful installations in the Southeast, the company has scaled its sales, representative network and follow-on service capabilities to support the growing demand for both Class A and Class B process technology solutions.

“We are proud of our long-term customer partnerships,” said Sean Mack, Director of Solution Sales, “When WWTP Utilities purchase our technology, they require a reliable trusted partner that responds to ongoing needs for decades. In some cases, they stay with one technology, while others want to transition from Class B up to a Class A process solution. Scalable technology is also important so that, as the community grows, it’s easy for the WWTP to accommodate higher volumes.”

Typically, municipalities aim to reduce risk, lower costs and address challenges such as odor reduction with biosolids treatment technologies. BCR’s technology solutions are building a reputation for being able to address those goals with solid solutions that are simple to operate. BCR’s current portfolio of biosolids treatment technologies include:

BCR developed and has been providing the CleanB® and Neutralizer® technologies for more than a decade, and is now re-introducing the BIO-SCRU® Dryer to the municipal market. “The dryer has a proven track record and BCR is proud to be able to offer the technology as part of our portfolio” explained Sean Mack, “In our business, each customer and region bring a unique set of requirements and challenges. We are able to offer different and custom technology solutions to fit a given WWTP’s unique needs.”

About BCR:

BCR partners with municipalities and the engineers who are responsible for researching, testing and purchasing biosolids treatment technology.  Whether customers are looking for Class B or Class A biosolids, BCR assists in the review biosolids treatment technology for the first time, scaling an existing system or upgrading from Class B to Class A biosolids technology. More information can be found on www.bcrenv.com  or by contacting the company mthomas@nuterra.com.


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