Neutralizer® – Martin County, Florida

Neutralizer® – Martin County, Florida

Martin County, FL

In 2013, Martin County, Florida, contracted to installed BCR’s Neutralizer® systems at two of its wastewater treatment plants: the 5.9 MGD Tropical Farms plant and the 2.76 MGD North Jensen plant. Martin County faced several challenges, including nutrient loading issues in the local environment, escalating energy costs, odor issues, digester capacity issues, and stringent environmental regulations. In addition, the County faced budgetary and financial resource constraints. BCR, through a performance contract with ConEdison Solutions, provided Martin County with a Design-Build Neutralizer® solution to upgrade from sub Class B to Class A/EQ residuals. The solution at both plants consisted of a three-train Neutralizer® system with a centrifuge for sludge dewatering.


The Martin County Neutralizer® facilities process Waste Activated Sludge from the County’s wastewater treatment plants. WAS from the clarifiers is processed through the Neutralizer® systems, dewatered, and then sold to a private farmer as commercial fertilizer. The facilities are being designed, permitted, and constructed by BCR. The project was initiated in September 2013 and will be completed in late 2014. As part of the process improvements at Martin County, BCR installed a SCADA system that provides central control, monitoring, and real-time facility performance reporting. The system includes a user-friendly, logically-structured operator interface for comprehensive monitoring and control of the Neutralizer® process.


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