Neutralizer® – Haines City, Florida

Neutralizer® – Haines City, Florida

Haines City, FL

In 2012, Haines City, Florida, installed BCR’s Neutralizer® system at its 3 MGD wastewater treatment plant to upgrade from Class B biosolids to a Class A/EQ fertilizer product. Following installation of the Neutralizer® solution, Haines City has experienced significant cost savings and expanded beneficial reuse options for its fertilizer product.


In 2012, the Haines City wastewater treatment plant, serving the City’s businesses and 20,000 residents, upgraded from its previous aerobic digestion operations to BCR’s Neutralizer® system. Previously, the plant treated secondary sludge through aerobic digestion and subsequently hauled the Class B residuals to a landfill or land application site.


Haines City faced several challenges, including escalating energy costs, odor issues, digester capacity issues, and stringent environmental regulations. In addition, the City faced limited financial resources and a lack of capital for process enhancements. After an evaluation process, Haines City installed the Neutralizer® system to address these challenges.

The Neutralizer® Solution

Neutralizer® is BCR’s patented Class A/EQ residuals treatment solution. This two-stage chemical system treats Waste Activated Sludge (WAS) and produces Class A/EQ residuals in a matter of hours. Neutralizer® is approved by the U.S. EPA as a Process to Further Reduce Pathogens (PFRP).


Neutralizer® has become the most installed Class A/EQ solution in Florida because it is simple, safe, environmentally responsible, and cost effective for wastewater treatment plants of almost any size.

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Haines City Project Summary

BCR Provided Haines City with a design-build Neutralizer® biosolids treatment solution to upgrade to Class A/EQ residuals. The solution consisted of a dual-train Neutralizer® system with a centrifuge for sludge dewatering. Installation of the Neutralizer® system was completed in late 2011, and full-scale operations began in early 2012.


  • Haines City’s residuals now meet Class A/EQ standards.
  • Treated residuals can be registered as a commercial fertilizer with the Florida Department of Agriculture.
  • The City avoided capital expenditures of $2.75 million for digester rehabilitation and dewatering equipment.
  • Neutralizer® reduced total annual biosolids treatment and disposition costs by around $133,000 per year over the next 20 years. This number includes costs for the Neutralizer® equipment purchase.
  • The City reduced energy costs for biosolids treatment by around 97% compared to previous aerobic digestion operations.
  • Odors at Haines City’s WWTP have been substantially reduced. The facility is virtually odor free.


Through value engineering, BCR was able to deliver a solution that met Haines City’s objective of producing a Class A/EQ product while meeting the City’s financial goals.

Neutralizer® Residuals

After installing the Neutralizer® system, Haines City upgraded its end product from Class B biosolids to a Class A/EQ fertilizer. Haines City is in the process of registering its nutrient-rich Neutralizer® residuals as a commercial fertilizer with the Florida Department of Agriculture. Residuals are free from foul odors, and the pH can be adjusted to suit the needs of the fertilizer customers. Neutralizer® residuals meet the strict nutrient and pollutant limits of the State of Florida and have an extremely low Phosphorus Source Coefficient (a measurement of phosphorus leachability). In a study performed by Penn State University, the Phosphorus Source Coefficient of Neutralizer® residuals was 0.1.

Haines City Cost Savings
Haines City Operating & Project Cost Benefit

Haines City Operating & Project Cost Benefit

BCR conducted an analysis of the total project costs of Haines City’s Neutralizer® system. The analysis demonstrated an estimated cumulative operating cost savings of $4.8 million over the initial 20-year project period. Net savings to the City, including financing costs for the Neutralizer® system and avoided capital costs for digester upgrades, are estimated at $2.8 million over the 20-year period. This cost savings translates to a $1.8 million present value economic benefit based on a 20-year Net Present Value.
Haines City Energy Performance
Haines City Annual Energy Cost Benefit

Haines City Annual Energy Cost Benefit

Projected energy costs at Haines City dropped 97%, from an average approximately $333,000 per year to approximately $9,000 per year with Neutralizer®. The Neutralizer® system relies on chemistry rather than on energy-intensive treatment with digesters, dryers, incinerators, or gasifiers. The entire process is designed using energy efficient equipment to minimize electrical consumption. Process automation maximizes energy efficiency every time the system operates.
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