Fredrick Mussari

Fred Mussari

Fredrick Mussari

Research and Development

Dr. Fred Mussari is responsible for research and development, intellectual property development and the Company’s evaluation of emerging technologies and technology partners. He drives the conception, development and implementation of the Company’s technologies and services.


In 2003, Fred joined BCR to lead the development of the Neutralizer® system. As part of this work, Dr. Mussari invented BCR’s method for efficient two-chemical generation of chlorine dioxide. This method and the associated mechanical inventions are core components of BCR’s biosolids solutions. Fred has been a significant contributor to the research, development and regulatory approvals associated with the Neutralizer® and CleanB® systems. Fred led the company’s efforts in obtaining U.S. Environmental Protection Agency National approval of the Neutralizer® system in 2010 and of the CleanB® process in 2015.  In 2010, Dr. Mussari chartered BCR’s Science Advisory Board, which is a collection of independent leaders in the water and wastewater industries responsible for advising BCR on product research and development, industry and regulatory trends.